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Our finest tour on the high mountains

You are two guests who share a huskyteam of 5-6 dogs. Before the tour, you will receive instructions in how to drive the sled, then it's off on a tour on the top of Norwegian high mountains. One drives the sled, while the other sits in the sled and relaxes. Halfway through, you can switch places if you wish. First in line you have a guide with his team. Your guide is a real competition dogsleddriver (musher) with Femund Race and Finnmarks Race “in the sledbag”. The huskies you have are the guide's own competition dogs. The tour itself takes about 1,5 hours; 2 hours for the whole experience.

This tour is suitable for everyone, please let us know in advance of the tour if there is a need for special arrangements.

Where: Treervegen 110, 3580 Geilo

(15 min drive from Geilo city)

When: From 1st of April to 30th of April (or until the snow melts)

How long the tour: 1,5-hour dogsledding, one should calculate 2 hours for the whole experience

Clothing: Windproof and warm clothes, windproof mittens, hat, winterboots, sunglasses/goggles and sunscreen.

Price: NOK 1,790 for adults aged 12 and up, NOK 1,590 for children 3-11 years, 0-2 years free

Minimum amount: for the tour to be carried out there must be a minimum of 2 places booked in total.

Age limit: Children are considered from 3-11 years. From the age of 12 is considered an adult and can try to drive the sled if desired. Children aged 0-2 travel for free, and you do not need to book a place for children in this age group. Children in this age group sit together with an adult in the sled. Children aged 3-11 must also be accompanied by an adult on dogsledding but can sit alone in the sled during dogsledding.

Contact: or 0047 924 66 920


Important! Dogsledding with Geilo Husky are at your own risk. You need to have travel insurance to come dogsledding with us. 

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