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Which dogsledding trip is perfect for you?

For Geilo Husky, it is important to show "real dog sledding"

All our guides are competitive riders in addition to working for Geilo Husky. This is how we ensure that the dogs always come first, get the best care and the best food available. Furthermore, it ensures that you as a guest get the experience real passion and enormous knowledge about dog sledding, then we believe you will get the best experience. It is also important for us that you try to drive the sled yourself - That's what dog sledding is! We give you training and guide you all the way. Top trained Alaska huskies and guides with many, many years of experience look forward to giving you a real dog sledding experience!

We know that you want the best out of your holiday and your money - we therefore want to help you get the experience you are looking for.

Our different tours give you different insights into dog sledding. The two shortest (and best-selling) trips are meant to give you a little taste of what dogsledding is. You will share the trip with others, and it will only be a short time with the dogs for cuddles and photos after the trip. But you get to drive the dogs yourself, and we also have some time by the fire before / after the trip, so you can ask all the questions you have about dogsledding.


If you want to be more "hands on" with the dogs, we recommend you choose a longer trip with us. You can, for example, choose a 20 km trip where you help us with the dogs before / after the trip - depending on what time of day you arrive. This trip has only a short stop with the dogs on the trail and no bonfire.


Full-day trip is what you choose if you want the "full package" - then you get to take care of the dogs both before and after the trip, and we take a proper lunch break and as much dog cuddeling as you can wish for!
Please note that a full day trip is different from which trip you book (there are several), and you should be out well in advance.


Ivar Johan Sørli

Have been dogdriver for 20+ years. He lives next to Geilo with 18 dogs. He has participated in all the big races in Norway and finished both Femund 800 km and Finnmark 1000 km race. His dogs are extremely well behaved and you will be amazed about the control he got over all 18 dogs!


Ask him about how to make a sled – he is educated to make boats the old way, and use the knowledge to make unique wooden racing sleds..

ivar finnmark.jpg

Petter Arnesen

Moved to Skurdalen (next to Geilo) from south of Norway when he found a nice mountain-girl and his purpose with life – dogsledding. His family now include 18 huskies. He have been dogsledding in more 15 years and have been participating in most races, but you usually see him as a handler and he loves to work with the young dogs and help other dogdrivers achieving their goals. He is famous for his good lines and well trained dogs. He know the mountains around Geilo better than anyone – That is where he thrives best!

Petter Arnesen.jpg

Ole Færevåg

Ole is ....


Sissel Wolf Mølmen

Sissel is a middistance musher with 12 hounds. She has competed in the big races as Norway-Trail, La Grande Odyssee, Alpen-Trail and many more. 

She is the odd one in this company with her fast running dogs and their short coat, but surely a musher with 7 years of racing and often finishing on top of the podium. 


Geir Askim

If you meet Geir it will most likely be together with Petter. They work together to make the best team of dogs, and Geir drive  them in races and have Finnmarksløpet 500 km as his big goal for the season.


In 2016 he finished in 1 day, 4 hours and 46 minutes. Geir lives in Kongsberg but are in Tunhovd (next to Geilo) in his cabin almost every weekend and holiday.


Eef De Boeck

If you want to know anything about long expeditions, Eef is your expert. She has been all the places many people only dream of, like walked New Zealand from one end to the other, and the great Himalay Trail.

She has been a musher for five years now and worked as a guide in Kiruna three seasons.

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