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Which dogsledding trip is perfect for you?

For Geilo Husky, it is important to show "real dog sledding"

All our guides are competitive riders in addition to working for Geilo Husky. This is how we ensure that the dogs always come first, get the best care and the best food available. Furthermore, it ensures that you as a guest get the experience real passion and enormous knowledge about dog sledding, then we believe you will get the best experience. It is also important for us that you try to drive the sled yourself - That's what dog sledding is! We give you training and guide you all the way. Top trained Alaska huskies and guides with many, many years of experience look forward to giving you a real dog sledding experience!

We know that you want the best out of your holiday and your money - we therefore want to help you get the experience you are looking for.

Our different tours give you different insights into dog sledding. The two shortest (and best-selling) trips are meant to give you a little taste of what dogsledding is. You will share the trip with others, and it will only be a short time with the dogs for cuddles and photos after the trip. But you get to drive the dogs yourself, and we also have some time by the fire before / after the trip, so you can ask all the questions you have about dogsledding.


If you want to be more "hands on" with the dogs, we recommend you choose a longer trip with us. You can, for example, choose a 20 km trip where you help us with the dogs before / after the trip - depending on what time of day you arrive. This trip has only a short stop with the dogs on the trail and no bonfire.


Full-day trip is what you choose if you want the "full package" - then you get to take care of the dogs both before and after the trip, and we take a proper lunch break and as much dog cuddeling as you can wish for!
Please note that a full day trip is different from which trip you book (there are several), and you should be out well in advance.

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Below you will find answers to the most common questions we receive

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The vast majority of our trips are booked via

The tours that are booked directly through us are half-day tours and full-day tours.

If you have booked a tour through, please contact the experts there directly in the event of a change, cancellation or if you experience problems with their booking solution.



All bookings made through follow their cancellation policy. If the trip is booked through us, you get a 100% refund if you cancel up to 7 days before the planned trip, a 50% refund 6-2 days before the trip, and a 0% refund if you cancel the day before or on the same day.



YES! All families are different, so we arrange different layouts to suit each family. Children can sit together with an adult in the sled, two children can sit together, children can sit alone in the sled and many more solutions. Just have faith that when we put forward the solution we think works best, we speak from experience. All children are different, some like short trips others thrive on long trips, here it is up to each family to think what suits the individual best in terms of length of the trip. 



Everyone is different here, so our recommendation is that you know for yourself what you are comfortable with. Again, you participate at your own risk, but we facilitate as best we can, for example you can sit with a guide. If you are unsure, we recommend booking a trip later in the day, then the dogs are calmer than they are on the first trip. Please let us know if there is a mother-to-be with you.



Taste and Extra start from BAKKESTØLVEGEN 56, 3580 GEILO. Then you park at the Red Cross, which is on the opposite side of the road in relation to our camp. Be careful not to park so you are in the way of the Red Cross, Helikopterplassen or the containers.

The half-day tours are run from Frydenlund Lagerhotell in Skurdalen. The full-day tours are arranged during booking.



Put on a windproof jacket, windproof trousers and windproof gloves. Warm hat, buff and warm boots. At heart, we recommend wool. Goggles when there is wind and/or snow are a must. All kinds of glasses work here (sunglasses, safety glasses, snowgoggles). If you are unsure about the cold, just bring an extra jacket. Those sitting in the sledge sit on warm reindeer skins with a skin over them as well. It sometime happens that children fall asleep during the trip, it's so warm and comfortable.



Everyone who books a trip with us must expect that the trip can be canceled until just before the trip is agreed. We do not run tours if the conditions and/or the weather mean that the tour cannot be completed safely for both dogs and guests. Ice and strong wind are the most common reasons why we have to cancel. If we cancel the trip, 100% of the money you have paid for the dog sled will be refunded.

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Everyone who participates in dog sledding with us participates at their own risk. All participants must have their own travel insurance. If you or you participate without travel insurance, this is at your own risk. 

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Everyone is different, and we have to say that all the trips are nice in their own way, but the trip we and the dogs enjoy the most is the Spring tour from Solheimstulen. It is something special, sunshine in the mind, beautiful views of the high mountains, and the dogs are at their fittest. Yes, it is a project to get to Solheimstulen, but the experience is something completely unique, while also being suitable for everyone.



YES! We drive even if it snows! We and the dogs like snow, what we don't like are warm temperatures, ice, rain and strong winds (15m/sec and more)

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We have 3-11 years as the limit for children. From the age of 12, you can try driving the sled if you feel this is something you can master. We often receive inquiries about children who want to drive the sled, we make a decision on this on an ongoing basis. Please respect that we put safety first.

Children aged 0-2 ride for free and sit with an adult. Children, regardless of age, cannot ride alone without an adult



We our highsesaon is during Christmas with bookings already coming in a year in advance. Then you will experience larger groups on the dog sled, but never more than 12 guests per trip. January is a quieter time, where things pick up again from February and the winter holiday weeks. Our guides run races in January and early February with the Femundløpet, so then our capacity is somewhat limited in terms of large groups. March is a good month with good snow, slightly brighter days and very good capacity for large groups.

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These tours are what we call "Harness on to Harness off" This is more of a hands on experience. You help set up the team, you get instructions on how to drive the sled, then you carry on a tour. During the tour there is a break with either a snack (half day) or lunch (full day), and several short breaks. After the trour, it's time to thank the dogs for the tour. 



We have ended the collaboration with Youwish, but if you still have a valid gift card, contact us at to reserve a trip. All Youwish gift cards must be used in the winter season 2023/2024. We will not accept Youwish from December 2024. 


RV7 from Bergen direction Geilo

If you come from the west, you must check and the Norwegian road administration (Vegvesenet) websites well in advance of the dog sled. The road over Hardangervidda is closed when it snows and/or there is strong wind. If you cannot make the dog sled due to bad roads, you will not get the dog sled refunded, but we will do our best to make sure you can get the dog sled for another occasion within  12 months from your booking date. You must contact us no later than the evening before the dog sled to benefit from the dog sled.



All the dogs on the dog sled are kind dogs. A general rule is if the dog is attentive to you, it wants to be cuddled, if the attention is away from you, it wants some alone time. 



Dog sledding with us is suitable for everyone. Let us know if additional arrangements are needed.

A good rule of thumb is that the longer the trip, the better the physical condition. Dog sledding A taster of 30 minutes can be done by almost anyone, while the full-day trip of 6 hours we recommend that you are in relatively good physical shape.



We have gift cards, contact








These are the tours we offer. There are sometimes inquiries that you want 1 hour dog sledding, instead of 45 minutes. This is not possible to arrange since the trails we have are the ones we have. We do not create new trails for every specific request.



We drive with what is called Alaska Husky. It is a mixed breed, so here you will meet a bouquet of flowers with different looks on the dogs. All our dogs are upcoming, current or retired competition dogs. Genuine sleddogs that is. Very few of them are the typical "white fur and blue eyes". As long as they think that the sled dog life is the coolest life, we'll do not care how they look.



Is our number 1 priority! The guides you meet at the dogsledding, come with their own dogs, which they train and run the big long-distance races with. This means that throughout their long lives they have the best living conditions, feed and training so that they can perform at their very best. We spend all year, every day, many hours with the dogs and only want the best for them, so they can give their best back.



You will be met by a camphost who will show you how to drive the sled. Two guests are then allocated per dog team. One sits in the sled, while the other drives. Halfway through, you change position if you wish. We recommend everyone to try driving the sled. Above all, you have one or two guides who show the way, determine the speed and help if challenges arise. When you return to camp, it's time to greet the dogs, take pictures, talk to the guides, and we have a fire where you can sit and are served hot blackcurrant toddy or coffee. The camp host is present and can answer all dogsledding questions. You are most welcome to sit in the camp for as long as you wish, and it is possible to bring your own barbecue food. If you are in large groups, the first group sits in camp while the second group is out on a trip, then you switch. 

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All our guides are very experienced MUSHERS (sleddogdrivers) and guides with safety and first aid courses, in addition to years of experience from musher life. For those of you who follow Femundløpet and Finnmarksløpet, you will meet many well-known mushers. We are very proud to have such a steady and nice group who stand in all kinds of weather to show you our love for dog sledding and the wonderful experience you get with our wonderful four-legged friends.



Sometimes we have guests with their own dogs. We prefer not to have unkown dogs in  the camp or during dogsledding. There are two reasons for this; it creates a lot of unnecessary stress for both huskies and guest dogs. The second reason is that the huskies can be carriers of various diseases that we do not recommend that "non-sled dogs" be exposed to. All the dogs that take part in our trips meet other international dogs at trainings and races who may be carriers of diseases that are not common among "Norwegian dogs". We have a strict regime to ensure that our dogs do not get sick with vaccines and good routines etc. If you have any questions about this, please contact us and we will give a longer explanation of how we protect our dogs. 

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