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Geilo Husky was started back in 2009 by brother and sister, Mari and André Fjørtoft Bjørnstad.


They grew up with huskies and wanted to show people their husky lives. After a while, there was too much to do for them alone, so they started getting help from local dog drivers with many years of experience in dog sledding. One of them was Siri Goberg, and in 2016 tok Siri Andrés place in the business. They managed the company until it was sold in the summer of 2021 to the current owners Ivar Johan Sørli and Sissel Wolf Mølmen. Ivar worked for Geilo Husky as a guide for many years, so he knew the company well. He had his girlfriend Sissel with him, and both are very experienced mushers.

On the team we have guides who with their own dogs take you out on a guided tour. Common to all is that they have run dogsledding for several years, they all do dogsledding as a hobby or a profession, not for business. This means that you get the real experience of dogsledding with Geilo Husky. And you will learn from some of the best mushers and guides in Norway!

There is also a group of experienced hosts who will meet you in our camp in Geilo when you make shorter trips. We think it is important that you meet people who can teach you everything you did not know about dogsledding, but also about Geilo and Norway. We all want to give you a memorable and educational experience with us!

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Ivar and Sissel

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