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When you arrive you will be met by Sissel who will give you a guided tour and tell you everything and a bit more about dogsledding, the dogs, keeping dogs, training, mountain life etc. You will meet all the dogs, and when you have finished the tour you can say hello to your favorites once more.

You meet the dogs when they are free. As they are not tied down, you give the dog their own choice whether they want to say hello or not, which makes this a safe and good experience for both two-legged and four-legged.

We have a few puppies every year, but they are not scheduled according to visiting hours. So, we cannot guarantee that we have small puppies at all times, but we can guarantee that you will find your favorite among the 45 dogs we have at Torsteinsplassen.

Where: Geilo Husky kennel, Skurdalsvegen 596, 3580 Geilo

(15 min drive from Geilo in the direction of Dagali. The road up to us is steep, we recommend parking at the bottom of the hill if you drive a large motorhome, especially if it has front-wheel drive)

When: Tuesday to Sunday at 10:00 and 13:00, from 15 May to 30 August. The visit must be booked in advance, we do not have drop-ins.

Time: Up to 2 hours. Some visit us for 30 minutes, some have problems ending the visit. After two hours, the dogs are usually satisfied with the visit. We recommend bringing some "lure" with you for children who may not want to say goodbye to the dogs.

Clothing: You must wear clothes that can withstand getting dirty, especially if it's raining or the ground is wet. The dogs are very cuddly, and there will be stains on the clothes and shoes.

Price: NOK 400 for adults from 12 years, NOK 350 for children 3-11 years, 0-2 years free

Minimum number: for the visit to take place there must be a minimum of 2 places booked in total. We have an upper limit of 8 guests per group.

Age limit: We do not have an age limit for the visit, but as a general guideline we see that very young children can be a little overwhelmed by the dogs. They are huskies and hounds that can have a lot of noise and energy, it can be a bit intense for the little ones, and the experience not as pleasant as you thought. or 924 66 920


Important! Kennel visits with Geilo Husky are at your own risk. Everyone who visits our dogs must have their own travel insurance.

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