The ultimate dogsledding experience is an overnight trip in the mountains with your own team of dogs. This trip will teach you more or less everything you need to know about dog sledding.

We mostly sleep in cabins - mushers private cabins, or mountaincabins on the Hardangervidda.

There is usually a maximum of 2-6 people per trip.

Later in the season we also have several day trips from Halne. Check out our package agreements.


Prices from 6,900 NOK per. pers

Geilo_husky_bare hund.jpg
Geilo_husky_bare hund.jpg
Geilo_husky_bare hund.jpg


Do you have a special expedition you dream of? A bucket list perhaps?

Geilo Husky is so lucky to have some of the best mountain guides in the country, and we can make your expedition dream come true.

Send us a message with your request and we will do our best to make it come true - booking@geilohusky.com